UnderWing provides 24/7 telemed consultations with board certified physicians and an unlimited supply of commonly prescribed medications for a flat monthly fee.

UnderWing Provides:


24/7 urgent care doctors by phone, video or chat


Unlimited UnderWing prescriptions at +65,000 pharmacies

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Treatment for over 50 routine medical conditions

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Unlimited prenatal vitamins with folic acid

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“With my seasonal allergies flaring up, I was able to talk to a doctor and pick up a medication all within an hour and it cost me nothing! Made it for my shift on time.”

Angela, Georgia
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Access board-certified doctors using your smartphone, tablet or computer as often as you need with zero copay.

See a doctor right away or schedule your appointment for a time that works for you.

Prescription Coverage

  • Treatment for common ailments that represent over 80% of doctor consultations.
  • 90% of the generic medications prescribed by telemedicine with no copay or additional charges
  • Additional savings on nearly all name brand prescriptions.
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“I had a simple ear infection and needed a prescription. I had the same issue years ago, and needed to sit through an expensive doctor visit in order to get the prescription.

This time, I was able to get the prescription almost immediately on my phone without the expensive doctor visit! Thank you!”

Brad, Ohio


$22/ mo

UnderWing Health Plan includes:
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